The GOLD FEVER FOLLIES ARE BACK for the 2021 season!

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The Gold Fever Follies offers a new family-friendly musical comedy every summer with cancan dancing, original music and exciting characters based on Rossland’s gold rush days of the late 1890s.
Runs July & August, 3pm and 7:30pm shows Tues. thru Sat. (No matinee on July 8.)


After much deliberation, and with heavy hearts, the Gold Fever Follies is officially announcing the cancelation of our 2020 summer production.

We have finally resigned ourselves to the reality that we can’t possibly perform our show throughout the summer and still keep all involved—from our board volunteers, to our cast members and their host families, to the audience in general—safe, healthy and COVID-19 free.

We have updated our website to introduce you to our 2020 cast whom you WOULD have had the pleasure of watching…had COVID-19 not hit the world so hard.

Join the cast of the Rossland
Gold Fever Follies
in its 34th Season

2019: The Big BOOM Theory

As usual, we’ve had fun melding fact and fiction with this summer’s show, The Big BOOM Theory, and, as you can guess, it has characters based on the popular TV series The Big Bang Theory. It follows the story of a young female metallurgist who travels to the Rossland area to get work at Consolidated Mining and Smelting —the predecessor of TECK. But as can be expected, she faces that glass ceiling that women are still confronted with today—and is refused work because she is a woman. Having run out of money, she is left with little options but to work in the Bodega Hotel as a dance hall girl. But she refuses to give up on the idea of working as the trained scientist that she is, and has to figure out a way to prove herself. How she goes about that will be revealed once you see the show!


Skis and Skates Cast

Imagine no right to vote and rarely seen out of the home…where domestic duties dominated the world that women lived in! That was life for most women of the late 1800s and early 1900s. But not so for the pioneering women of Rossland and the Kootenays! In 1900, for a mere 50¢ each, women were invited to join a Women’s Hockey Club as a novelty sport in the Rossland Winter Carnival, a carnival that began two years earlier in 1898. Women’s history was about to undergo a dramatic change. At first, reports were mostly about the well-dressed women of the Rossland Hockey team. Soon, however, their determination and athletic abilities convinced the male-dominated society that they weren’t a mere novelty team, but a team to be taken seriously. The team went undefeated for 17 years, and was inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame in May of 2018.

Our story SKIS & SKATES is based on that early Rossland Women’s Hockey Team of 1900. While we’ve had fun melding much fiction with history, some of the details of our story are based on facts. Olaus and his feats on skis are all true; Lester and Dora Patricks were real people, and their accomplishments in the world of hockey are also all true. We’ve just manipulated timelines in order to include the Patricks into that first year of Women’s Hockey in the Kootenays.

But enough about that! Sit back and enjoy our little story of triumph—triumph on the slopes and ice, triumph of the will, and triumph of the heart.

Naughty Knickers Night 2018 Poster

Sunday, August 19th
Doors open at 7:00 pm
Show at 7:30 pm

Tickets must be purchased in advance at Goldrush Bookstore, Curiosity Clothing & Gifts, Revival Boutique, or The Colander Restaurant.

2017: The Red Mountain

In 1890, while in “unexplored” territory, high up in the Monashee Mountains, Joe Moris discovers red rocks in between patches of snow at the base of one particular mountain. With no supplies, Moris heads to Nelson in hopes to stock up, and waits for the summer before returning to this profitable location. While in Nelson, he meets Anna, a saloon girl, and the two quickly become smitten. But when the snow begins to melt. Moris puts his feelings aside and departs back to the red rocks. On his way up the mountain, he is met with freakish snowstorms and dangerous wildlife which keep him halted for weeks. Stuck in the area which is now the road from Trail to Rossland, Moris wonders— Should he have left his newfound love behind? Or will his discovery at “The Red Mountain” be worth it?

Saturday, August 5th

12:30 PM at the Miners Hall

5$ ticket special!


Sunday, August 20th
Doors open at 7:00 pm
Show at 7:30 pm

Tickets must be purchased in advanced at Red Pair, Miners Hall or The Colander.



2016 Cast of LOVE and BUSINESS

People are arriving in Rossland from all over the world to make a living in the mines and the storefronts of Columbia Avenue, and business is booming… except for the Velvet Hotel and its proprietor, Willabilla. Joseph Luckenbel has made a name for himself as Rossland’s barber, but his earnings aren’t enough to buy the engagement ring he needs to propose to Willa. Lucky for them, two banks have taken interest in becoming the first bank in Rossland, and they are in need of prime real estate. When the barbershop and hotel open their doors to the new visitors, Joe and Willa find themselves on opposite sides of Rossland’s Great Bank Race. But will the help of Willa’s quirky new friends be enough to save her hotel from closure? Can Joe find the courage to tell her how he really feels? And which bank will land the deal with British mine mogul, Whitaker Wright, to become Rossland’s premier bank? LOVE and BUSINESS have never been more intertwined in Southern BC’s golden town.

We’re performing at a different venue for this summer! We’ll be performing at the old Bank of Montreal building in downtown Rossland. Find us on the corner of Columbia Avenue and Washington Street.

Naught Knickers Night Poster

Sunday, August 14th and Sunday, August 21st
Doors open at 7:00 pm
Show at 8:00 pm

Tickets must be purchased in advanced at Clancey’s Cafe, the BMO Building or The Colander.

2015: Summer is Coming!

2015 Cast of Summer is Coming!

Based on William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, Summer is Coming follows a Rossland Volunteer Fire Fighter, Julian, who falls in love at first sight with Romola, a girl from Trail. Will a long-time feud between these two cities keep these two star-crossed lovers apart, or will love conquer all? Meanwhile, Fire Chief Guthrie attempts to prepare Rossland for the inevitable fire season, but his efforts seem to be thwarted at every turn by Alderman Flute.


Sunday, August 9
Doors open at 7:30 pm
Show at 8:00 pm

Back by popular demand!
Sunday, August 16

Tickets must be purchased in advanced at the Miner’s Hall, Clansey’s Cafe or The Colander.

2014: Off the Rails!

2014 Cast of OFF THE RAILS!

The newly formed Rossland Miners’ Union has just made history—it’s negotiated an eight hour work day, much thanks to the work of the president of the Union, Wally Johnson. The owners of the mines, who are against the eight hours, hire a man by the name of Swain—his mission: sabotage the Union at any cost. Will Swain succeed, or will the town come together in time to thwart his evil plans?


Sunday, August 10
Doors open at 7:30 pm
Show at 8:00 pm
Cash bar and snack items!

Tickets must be purchased in advanced at the Miners Hall or Cafe Books or contact John at:

2013: A Job Well Done

2013 Cast of A JOB WELL DONE!

Every summer for the past 27 years, the Gold Fever Follies have put on a different show, each loosely based on the historic events and people of Rossland’s early gold rush days. This year’s A Job Well Done, written by past Follies member, Kate Eldridge, takes place in the Columbia, a new dancehall that was the first of its kind. Many new cast members have joined in for this summer.  The times and dates are listed to the right and the historic Miners’ Hall is waiting for you to come visit.